a warning message

he sent a heads-up to the District Attorney

Hypernyms: ↑warning
fully alert and watchful

played heads-up ball

Syn: ↑wide-awake
Similar to: ↑alert, ↑watchful

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\\ˈ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷\ adjective
Etymology: heads up

fast, aggressive, heads-up football

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/hedz"up'/, adj.
1. quick to grasp a situation and take advantage of opportunities; alert; resourceful.
2. Chiefly Politics. a warning: sending a heads-up to the Pentagon about possible attacks.

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headsˈ-upˈ (N American) noun
A warning that something is going to happen
Displaying alertness
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Main Entry:head

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heads-up UK US noun [singular] informal
a warning

They gave us a heads-up that the deal might be off.

Thesaurus: warning and warningssynonym

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heads-up «HEHDZ UHP», adjective, noun.
Informal. alert; resourceful.
Informal. a message that alerts: »

Give them a heads-up before the water tops the levee.

[< heads up!, an exclamation used by ballplayers to call attention to a falling ball]

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informal n. an advance warning of something

the heads-up came just in time to stop the tanks from launching the final assault

adj. [attrib.] showing alertness or perceptiveness

they played a very heads-up game

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/ˈhɛdzˈʌp/ noun [singular]
US informal : a message that tells or warns someone about something that is going to happen

She gave him a heads-up that the company's president will be visiting the office.

———————— II
adj, always used before a noun
US informal : showing that you are very aware of what is happening around you :alert

a heads-up play by the first baseman

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ˈheads-up 8 [heads-up] noun (pl. heads-up or heads-ups)\heads-up (about sth) (especially NAmE)
a piece of information given in advance of sth or as advice

Send everyone a heads-up about the changes well in advance.

Can anyone give me a heads-up about how to change the format?

This is a heads-up about the seminar this week.

His statement said that he was not given a heads-up about the FBI raid.

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